TCS interview | TCS technical and HR &TR interview questions

TCS interview | TCS technical and HR & TR interview questions

I got to know from my college placement mentor that technical round will be tricky, and they will select only 10% students from this round. I was very nervous as I had no idea what type of questions would be asked. There were 2 interviews in the technical round. One was the TCS Ninja, and another was TCS Digital. For the first interview, the few technical questions asked to me were:
Interviewer: What is data encapsulation?

Me: I explained the concept of data encapsulation.

Interviewer: Can you give an example for it?

Me: I gave a real-life example of a different section in the company, like the accounts section, finance section, etc.

Also, the interviewer asked the following questions:

Are there any differences between C++ and JAVA?
Explain the Oops concept and its real-time example.
The interview went for around 25 minutes. After the first interview was over the students shortlisted for the second round were announced. I was selected for the next TCS Digital round.

In the second interview, I was asked questions about my last semester academic project. He then asked me questions about the Artificial intelligence network. and ADHOC network. Further, he asked me to explain the rule mining algorithms for database and how dynamic signature is done using pattern signature. The interview was very difficult, but I somehow managed to crack it and was selected for the third round.

HR Interview Round

The HR round was held after an hour in the seminar hall. The HR was seated there, and he already had my resume with him. The few questions asked to me were:

Introduce yourself.
Why do you want to join TCS?
Are you fine with relocation?
Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
After the interview was over, the result was announced in 3 hours, and I was selected in one of the leading IT Company of India.

Round 2: Technical Interview 

This was a virtual video conference interview round. My interview was started after all the document verification was completed, There were three interviewers.
The interviewer asked me the following questions.
Tell me about yourself
Explain your projects.
What is list
How to delete elements from the list.
What is the difference between list and tuple?
What is a Decorator in python for example?
What is a table in the database?
Explain joins in the table and their differences.
What is Normalization?
What is a functional dependency?
Why do you want to join TCS?
Are you willing to relocate if required?
Asked about my Hobbies.
Finally, Interviewer asked do you have any questions, I asked , What are your best experience in TCS.
This is how my interview went, some of the questions I don’t know the answer, so I frankly said I don’t know.


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